Who is Elli Rooney?

I am Elli Rooney, And I am currently in my second year of college. I study Law and Health & Social Care. I am planning to go to University and study Social working as I then want to help Children who are struggling, and are of need in any way, once i have passed.

When I was 15 something happened to me which completely changed my life forever. It resulted in me changing my career choice as I became passionate about helping others better themselves or giving victims or fragile/vulnerable children and teens the right support in which they need.

My whole view on life changed and so my opinions on the topics I will talk about in my blogs are topics I have recently formed a strong opinion and judgement on.

I also decided to blog because I love reading other people’s stories and seeing what techniques or ways they used in order to manage to get through life and how other people feel about the topics i am interested in. img_6476


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